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A group of boys driving in volt hockey chairs

United States Volt Hockey Association


501(c)(3) NONPROFIT




To promote the growth and coordinate the activities of volt hockey in the United States


The United States Volt Hockey Association was founded in 2022, and officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2024, to serve as the main governing and organizational body for volt hockey in the US. Originally created in Denmark in the 1990s, volt hockey has since become a popular adaptive sport for people with physical disabilities across Europe, Canada, and now here in the United States. With the help of local and national news stations, Northeastern University, and other disability non-profits, volt hockey is quickly gaining attention as another opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in sports.  

“I love volt hockey because I am free to be myself and I feel like I can actually do something good as an equal team member."

Vivienne Liedtke, 14

“Going to the World Cup in Sweden not only helped us grow as players learning the game, it was an amazing opportunity to get to play on a world stage."

Desi Forte, 36

It’s a perfect sport for me because it’s basically like driving my own power chair in a more competitive form."

Marley Robinson, 23

Overhead photo of volt hockey players on a gym court with spectators in the background

Support the USVHA

As a non-profit organization just getting its start, we rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers to bring volt hockey to people with disabilities across the United States. Your support will go towards helping us purchase equipment, organize tournaments, and allow teams to travel to Sweden for the Volt Hockey World Cup!

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A girl sitting in a volt hockey chair with a woman adjusting a strap on the back of the chair
Team USA volt hockey athletes playing against an opposing team at the volt hockey world cup in Sweden
A girl and boy driving next to each other in volt hockey chairs with a ball in between them
A selfie of the volt hockey players from team USA
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